Tolo Puzzle Ball

Competition – Tolo Puzzle Ball (6 months+)

The Tolo Puzzle Ball is a ball which comes apart into 3 separate sections: 2 identical U-shaped segments and a central rattle. Each of the U-shaped segments has a hole in the end which the central rattle section slots into, and these two outer parts have attractive gizmos on them; squeakers and clickers in bright primary colours.

Tolo Toys are specifically designed to stimulate development of your baby. Because the toys are designed intelligently, using colour, sound and feel as key stimulant aides, your child will quickly discover that learning is fun! Areas of development: colours and shapes, hand to eye co-ordination, gripping and release, touch and feel.

The Boy had great fun testing and playing with this item, and I would say that the age range is suitable from 6-18 months, possibly older. It’s a really attractive ball, which rolls well and is incredibly sturdy. Each section can be played with individually or in a variety of combinations. He particularly liked having the rattle sticking out of the top of one of the holes and got really quite stroppy with me if I tried to put it how it’s designed to be, just goes to show the play possibilities.


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Competition closes on Friday 21st January 2011 at 8pm. Entry for UK residents only.