So the lovely @SusuRem over at GhostWriterMummy has issued us with a challenge to identify the music that our children simply must be subjected to/enjoy as part of their musical education. Ok, so I bullied her mercilessly about putting up a linky which she did over 12 hours ago now, and I’m only just doing my post now! I’ve spent the vast majority of the day desperately trying to come up with a band only to have my brain flooded at the last minute with infinite possibilities. Well, ok about seven, but you get the picture.


As my first selection, I choose the dulcet tones and comedic lyrics of one Mr. Neil Hannon, aka The Divine Comedy.

I have decided that The Boy must listen to him for various reasons: he’s funny (National Express); he’s romantic (Songs of Love); his lyrics can be downright cryptic (Gin-Soaked Boy); but also because the songs (especially Everybody Knows) were used as part of his father’s courtship of me 11 years ago.

The album ‘A Secret History’ was the CD of choice in hubby’s car for approximately the first six months of our relationship, and you could hear us belting out lyrics concerning the size of a hostess’ derriere resembling a small country, or what exactly was in the woodshed, in various parts of the United Kingdom (ours was a long-distance relationship for a year and half).

Then, here’s the romantic bit, hubby would sing ‘Everybody Knows’ to me in his best dodgy operatic singing voice;

“I told the stars above
About the one I love
I told the morning sun
Yeah I’m telling everyone
I told my mum and dad
They seemed to understand
And I’ll get through to you
If it’s the last thing that I do”

So you see, there’s history in that album. Maybe not so much of ‘A Secret History’, but it’s our history, and now it’s part of The Boy’s.