Hubby has been a complete and utter darling, and moved my site almost in it’s entirety over to

Yes, that’s right: I’ve gone all self-hosted and stuff.

The reason for this is a minor one, but quite a big design ‘flaw’? I am doing a 365 photo project as you may well know. I have a page for this and have to edit it in order to put each new photo up. As it is a static page, as opposed to one with separate posts, it only has one lot of comment boxes at the bottom of the page. How irritating would that be to a reader to have to scroll past 312 photos to post on the top one? The same goes for The Gallery and Silent Sunday.

Therefore, this is the last blog-post that I intend to make on this site. I really hope that you pop over there and subscribe to it, it would mean a lot to me.